Persuasive Essay: Should The School Day Be Longer?

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Should the School Day Be Longer?

Students at Guilmette Middle School in Lawrence, Massachusetts are in the classroom from 7:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon, which is 90 minutes longer than most American school days (Scholastic Scope, pg. 30). One reason for the extended day is an attempt to address the decline in American test scores, but is more desk time the best solution to this and other problems? A longer school day is not the answer. School days should not be extended because more time does not mean more learning, longer days take away from hobbies, and kids are already overwhelmed with school.

Learning does not necessarily increase when school days are extended. According to the April Scope, “Should the School Day Be Longer?” it states, “In Finland, students spend 15% less time in school than American students do and Finnish students excel on international tests” (pg.31). Instead of spending more time, students should pay more attention to the teachers. Also, students would get too tired and they would not be able to think properly if school days were extended. In the Scope article it also says that even now at the end of the day students’ eyes are glued to the clock (pg. 30). Students that are not getting good test scores should just get extra help from the
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According to Tod Olson of “Should The School Day be Longer?”, he states, “If the school day lasted from dawn to dusk, would you still have time to read a book when you got home? Take trumpet lessons? Volunteer at the animal shelter? These activities are important too” (pg.31). Children need to be able to explore other interests during the day besides schoolwork. If kids aren’t able to do hobbies after school, they will not be able to develop new talents. There are always other things students need to be experiencing besides
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