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The universe is about 15 billion years old yet we know very little about it. Exploring space costs billions of dollars a year, the cost is used to do different types of research from launching missions that go into space and explore planets or moons, or studying the stars from telescopes on Earth. Space exploration is important because it can be used as a great learning tool to find out more information about life on and off the Earth. The government should continue to fund space exploration because scientists have found water ice on Pluto, researched crops sustainable in space, and learned mars once had lakes.
People have been curious about what is out there for as long as humans have been around. In ancient times people used the stars to navigate and the sun to tell time and stories of alien lifeforms are a popular subject for Si-fi writers. On October 4, 1957 Russia launched Sputnik the first satellite, this was a huge step for space exploration because researchers were finally able to be at the place they were studying, space. Exploring space does costs a lot of money, for example, 18.7 billion dollars go to funding NASA (Life’s Little
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American citizens have to pay taxes and some of that money is going towards space exploration. With a 12.7 trillion national debt and high unemployment in the United States, Americans simply aren’t willing to invest in human spaceflight right now (Naeye). America is not in a financially stable place and people feel the money should be used to do more useful things such as funding schools and repairing roads. However, American citizens are only having to pay 33 dollars a year to fund these programs (Life’s Little Mysteries Staff). Also, exploring space is very useful because exploring space has helped scientists learn many facts about all the planets, suns, and moons in the solar system plus about the other systems out
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