Persuasive Essay : The Dangers Of Processed Food

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The Dangers of Processed Foods
Have you ever seen “Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate” (Figure. 2) growing out of the ground? Today's society offers new options for meals every day. From fondue to fast food, there are new options everywhere you go. To clear up any curiosity, sodium stearoyl lactylate is a chemical added to Twinkies to make its processed ingredients more tolerable to the human body. Companies like Hostess and Kellogg’s are scientifically manipulating the human body, tricking them into being able to digest their chemical makeup of the ingredients. The true challenge when finding a place to eat is not only considering its availability, but also deciding which choice is most health conscious. Processed foods may taste good going down, but they actually contain many unnatural ingredients, if that is even their appropriate name, that can lead to obesity and health problems throughout one’s life. Many of these processed foods are, unfortunately, the most readily available. The debate of processed versus organic foods is a common conflict in society today. Whether it is due to lack of income, or pure laziness, people choose every day to put toxic, unnatural foods in their body. Some foods that appear to be healthy may not be; the real trick to healthy food is being as earth-centered as possible. Organic means coming from living matter--food in its purest form. Living an organic lifestyle is, most importantly, a better decision regarding the health and wellbeing of the

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