Persuasive Essay : The Story Of A Lemonade Stand

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One morning, Anthony, Joseph, Luke, Timothy and nine woke up in a mad/moody morning. They all brushed their teeth and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Their mom and dad did not have enough money to pay for there rents. They needed to pay there rent by the next 4-5 months. So Anthony's parents (the kids parents) asked the kids if they can earn money for the family. The kids said “Yes” so they went to the garage and started to make a lemonade stand. They started with the title. They put the title as, “Pit Stop” Nine said that we be a good title for the lemonade stand because people are probably going to drive far so they take a “Pit Stop” to there lemonade stand. While they were getting the cups ready, A white truck stopped near the lemonade stand to see what the kids were doing. The man parked his car beside the lemonade stand, the man stepped out of his truck to buy some lemonade. The kid asked if the man wanted to buy some lemonade. The man nodded with thrust. The man explained to the kids that he came from an hour drive without water because he forgot his water at his house and he needed to go to the hospital because his mom was not feeling well. Luke handed the man a full cup of lemonade. The man handed Luke $5. The man drove off with a smirk on his face. After a hour or so no one came, so the kids were getting worried that there not making enough money for the family. So they put the lemonade stand in the garage and went inside. Luke handed his mom the $5 with nervousness, because luke knew that he could make more money then that. So the kids went into Nine’s room to think of a new way to make money. Timothy suggested it will be a good idea if they mow people’s lawn for $10 that way they can make more money. They all thought it was a good idea so they gave it a try. They ran down the stairs and stepped outside. They rang the first customers doorbell. The neighbor answered, “hello Timothy” Timothy replied with a hi back. Timothy explained how there family are in need of money and they needed to pay there rent. So timothy asked if he could mow your lawn for $10. The neighbor said yes with a happy voice. The lady said to be careful because there are a lot of pointy stuff on the grass. Timothy ran into the

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