Persuasive Essay Vaccines

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If you were to walk through the most impoverished slums at this moment you would see clusters of scruffy-faced doctors, still in their scrubs, huddled together for warmth. Due to the rise of anti-vaccine campaigns, doctors are flooding the streets as their pharmaceutical sponsorship diminishes. We interviewed one of them as he huddled in a corner. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do without the big drug companies giving me cheques to try and make human pin cushions.” He sobbed and retreated back into the huddle, scribbling something incoherent on a prescription pad.
As even the most ignorant know, the proclaimed benefits of vaccines are merely speeches from the ventriloquist doll doctors with the hands of pharmaceutical companies up their asses. Areview of over 20 000 vaccine studies published in the medical journal Pediatrics finds that side effects were very rare and had they had no link to autism should therefore should be disregarded. One of the leading minds of the anti-vaccine movement, Sarah Prick, told us in the would put some weird obscure products here aisles of Whole Foods while musing over which brand of quinoa was the most organic,
“These doctors don’t know what’s best for your children. You do. Their years of medical training and academic studies may look enticing, it may draw you in under the pretense that they want people to be healthy but we all know, they just want your child to be another pin cushion.”
Thankfully, this rise of anti-vaccine awareness

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