Persuasive Essay : What's Three Wishs That Seed?

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One sunny summer morning, in a town called Pebble Walk. There was a boy named Wyatt he’s 13 years old. Wyatt lives in a neighborhood that has huge houses. But, Wyatt’s house isn’t huge like the rest of the houses. Wyatt has a loving Mom, and a caring Dad. The things that get in Wyatt’s mind are about how his family is not “rich”, don’t have a huge house, and how his parents don’t spend a lot of time with him. Wyatt’s parents work 7:30.A.M to 10:30.P.M. So, no one is around the house really.
Then, when Wyatt got home from his friend’s house, he went to his laptop to play games. But, then there was an advertisement that show a robot hand, and in bold letters it said, “This hand grants three wishes that come true”. Wyatt then look at the advertisement closer, and it said in underline, “Caution: This hand gives three consequences that get more dangerous each time you make a wish!!!!”. But, Wyatt clicked on the advertisement, and it led him to a mysterious website. The robot hand is $10.99 plus tax.
Next, Wyatt clicked ‘Add’ to cart, and clicked ‘Buy’. Then, in two days Wyatt heard someone knocking on the front door. Wyatt yelled, “I be there in a second”. Then, Wyatt opened the door, and saw a mail man standing there with a box in his hands. The mail man said, “Here you go, but watch out for what you wish for”. Wyatt replied saying, “I will, and thank you”. Wyatt shut the door, and ran straight to his room. Next, Wyatt shut his room door, and set the box on his bed. While he

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