Persuasive Narrative : Bark Night Hike Adving

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Bark Lake Night Hike Reflections

It was dark. Not so dark you couldn’t see anything, but dark enough that you couldn’t see anything five feet in front of you. In front of me was our brave teacher, Mrs. Leys, behind me was my friend Jake. Beside me was my friend Neha. We were terrified, clutching each other hands, we slowly made our way through the rocky dark forest. Until, we came to a ginormous vertically angled rock were Neha and I were struggling to make it through. First we saw Mrs. Leys slowly slide down like a slide, Neha and I were petrified. We could see the beautiful shining lake while the glowing moon reflected off it, you could almost taste the frigid lake water, the dirt was soft and squishy, but not like mud, there was no smell except the sweet smell of the chilling flowers and trees around us. Neha and I attempted to climb over the rock. That was an awful attempt. We saw that Mrs. Leys had slid down the hill so Neha and I tried that. I got down first, next came Neha, she slid down and I caught her at the end, next came Jake and he just jumped down like it was any normal day. Neha and I were so relieved that we made it through alive. That was only the first rock sadly. The next one came a couple metres after the fist one. This one wasn’t as easy, we watched to see what Mrs. Leys solution was, but this time, she did was what most of the rest of our class did and that was, trip and fall down, that happened to me, but I was able to regain my balance. Neha wan’t

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