Persuasive Ocean Project

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If everyone lived under water it would look like a water park everywhere and i will invite everyone I know.Also we will have a aquarium so you can swim with all the sea animals like the Shark,Jellyfish, Seahorse, and all the sea animals.The food I will eat,I will kill one of the sea animal and i will cook it and the i will eat it. Ther will be a big slide then a swimming pool and many more that are at a wader park.Or a Galathee Underwater Lab Seaorbiter Project the Seaorbiter is a concept for a fully mobile, mostly underwater research and exploration facility. It’s a sort of underwater space ship, drifting around the world to facilitate the study of the ocean and the animals living in its depths. The Galathee Underwater Lab, launched by Jacques …show more content…

The SeaOrbiter is actively seeking funding, having current met 45 percent of its goal.And i will build my own home and here are some more info While most underwater habitats are off limits to anyone who isn’t a marine scientist or willing to wait until the next decade for funding to be secured, there is one other option. For the low price of just US $10 million, you can own your very own luxury underwater home—or rather, H2OME. The same people who have planned one of the most famous underwater hotels in the world, the Poseidon, are now offering custom-built underwater homes.The company, US Submarine Structures, is apparently trying to corner the market on undersea properties—its website lists underwater casinos and restaurants, in addition to full houses, among the array of aquatic possibilities. They boast that the homes maintain the same pressurization as the surface, meaning you don’t ever have to get wet on your way to the stairs and or up the elevator. The homes are comprised of two floors, with a pair of bedrooms, lounge areas, and everything else you could ever want in a dwelling that is perfect for aspiring Bond villains of the

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