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Wandering into a pet store; aww you squeal. There a corral full of wriggling cute little puppies awaits. Expeditiously you hop in and play with the animals. The puppies stampede, falling over one another to earn a bit of affection. As a result, your body fills with oxytocin, the love hormone. Directly you envision the love to grant and receive from the cute puppy. Eventually, you are compelled to bring one home. The sweet smell of puppy breath has intoxicated you. However, I urge you, not to buy this puppy. When purchased from a store, a profit driven industry that harms numerous animals receives support. Despite the inconvenience, you should adopt your pet, not buy it.
Contrary to the convenience of buying from a pet store, finding a pet that fits a family at rescues and shelters can be time-consuming. Likewise, pet stores are afforded the convenience and offer immediate gratification by refraining from performing time-consuming activities such as background checks, applications, or home visits; the only requirement is payment. When purchasing a pet, a crate empties creating demand for another animal to fill it. Hence, contributing to the misery of female animals, future puppies and kittens with health issues, and the families
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Not only did you save your pet, but also, space is created to save another animal. As well, rescued pets cost less, usually come spayed or neutered, up to date on shots, and microchipped. Likewise, shelter animals make fantastic pets. They deliver and receive the same love as pet store animals; they have the same sweet puppy breath, and countless owners surrender the animal due to no fault of their own. For instance, the human divorced, moved, or lost a job and can no longer care for their pet. Adopted pets as reported by, The Humane Society of the United States, one in 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the United
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