Persuasive Speech About Cheerleading

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“Success has been, and continues to be defined as getting up one more time than you've been knocked down,” (Unknown). This quote never really meant anything to me until the day I discovered a sport that I came to love. Sometimes things come into your life that completely alter you as a person, whether they mean anything to others or not. Cheerleading is a life changing sport that teaches you a variety of skills, including hard work and determination.
When you first join cheer, it can be an extremely intimidating experience. No one could ever really explain to you what to expect when you walk into an all-star gym. My first day of practice with my very first team, Thunder from Mystic Allstars, we were automatically thrown into intense
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Learning to do a back handspring was not what scared me. I felt comfortable throwing the skill when my coach was there to ensure I would be safe. The fear came when I was told to do it on my own. I had the skill perfected with a spot, but when my coach moved away I would freak out. I did not trust myself.
I had been injured many times throughout the years I was in cheer, whether it be bruises, sprains, broken bones, or torn ligaments. During my season with Thunder, I had broken my thumb and competed with a cast on. By doing this, I proved to myself that I was strong enough to move on, even when it felt impossible. Each injury set me back slightly, but I was able to work through them and get myself back on track. Coaches would never easy on you, their words to each of the athletes would be “suck it up.” So no matter how afraid I was or how many times my body had been hurt, I always got up and tried again. There was never a moment where giving up would be considered okay. In fact, if you did give up you would just have it ten times harder later on. Through the fear of tumbling and the difficulty of dealing with an injury, I learned two very important qualities; courage and determination. The determination to better myself as an athlete helped me to overcome various obstacles. Without the courage I developed, I may have never been able to do that.
My favorite part of cheerleading has always been, and will always be, the stunting. In stunting, there is always a flyer and
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