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Struggle is a natural thing in life. There is no escaping the struggles that life will throw at you. But when you struggle, there is always success soon to come. Surfing taught me that you must fall before you can stand. That you will struggle before you succeed. When most girls turn sixteen years old, they want a big party, with presents, loud music, loads of friends, and just overall craziness. At least that's how I always imagined it. I didn't want any of that. I didn't want the presents or the music or anything close to a party. When I turned sixteen, I wanted to go to Hawaii. Although the whole trip was very memorable for me and my entire family, the day that sticks out the most is the day I learned how to surf. The bright blue skin guard was baggy on my average framed body. I wiggled my toes in the damp water shoes wishing that I could stay barefoot and wiggle them in the soft white sand. The instructor, Joseph, was teaching my dad, Daniel-a man we had met that day while getting ready for our lesson-and me how to surf the waves of Oahu. Joseph handed me a long board with a beautiful blue hibiscus on the back of the board. The three of us sat in the warm sand listening to Joseph explain how to get into proper form when catching a wave. Although words were coming out of his mouth, I was captivated by the water and ignoring the lesson which is probably important. Eventually we start doing drills on the sand on the steps to catch a wave and this time my attention is on

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