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U.S. Education System Right to Speak
When our founding fathers founded this nation, they had a vision of democracy and freedom in their sights, but since then we have strayed from this path in many ways. I would like to focus on an institution which I have been part of for twelve years of my life: the American education system. The goals of the education system, I believe, are to prepare students to help contribute to our society in an efficient and positive way, and to allow them freedom in their future endeavors. However, I think that the U.S. education system hasn’t been achieving these goals. Students aren’t given a realistic image of the future, and their freedom of choice is being restricted. This does not mean that the U.S. education system isn’t producing any results at all, for the majority of the world’s best universities are located here in the States and thousands of international students come to study here annually. However, there is still much reform that is needed to make it better. I think that from a young age many kids idolize athletes, musicians, actors and other famous people in the entertainment industries. The issue, however, is that if we prioritize playing in the NFL over discovering an alternative source of energy, or becoming the next Batman to creating a life saving medicine, we will not progress as a society. Now please don’t be under the pretense that I am only saying this because I am biased against the entertainment industries, for I am not.

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