Persuasive Speech On Aliens

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After speaking with me a little, it doesn’t take long to realize I am a giant nerd. I love Science Fiction and I never turn down a good Outer Limits or Doctor Who marathon. It makes my heart beat fast when I hear the words “There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission” or “Are you my mummy?” Just thinking about it now makes me a bit giddy.
Recently, I was very excited to be a part of a discussion on aliens. The topic was “What if the aliens were actually watching us?” Even further, what if they were watching us and judging us based on how we treat people with disabilities. Perhaps that’s why aliens haven’t communicated with us. Why people with disabilities though? Think about it. People with disabilities are an incredibly diverse community. Anyone can be disabled. Race, wealth, age… none of it is a factor in determining who has a disability and who doesn’t.
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Not all aliens speak or can speak, hear or see. There are aliens with differing mobility, size and shape. Old school aliens from movies set in the 50’s all used telepathy. The aliens from the Alien franchise do not have eyes and rely on sound to stalk their prey. Chewbacca is nonverbal but uses a limited amount of noises and physical gestures to communicate. Author Temple Grandin mentioned in an interview that she loved the character of Mr. Spock because his ability to act without emotion made it more possible for him to save the day where Captain Kirk could not. While the show was airing, Leonard Nimoy was often applauded for his character’s parallels to the life of an autistic person’s. It’s not a stretch to say that many aliens have similar backgrounds to people with disabilities. I would be curious to know if they face the same ignorance and prejudice that people on Earth often do because of their
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