Persuasive Speech On Government Reform

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Sir: On the occasion of the one year anniversary of your inauguration as President of the United States, THE CRISIS wrote this letter to mark the momentous affair. Sir, you have now been President for twelve months, and what is the result? You have systematically broken all your promises and failed your constituency. Over a year ago, voters were whisked away in your fantasies of greater America, and now they are all rendered sober by the new reality. You give strength to your rich friends and donors, while the people who voted for you, who hoped of a stronger, more prosperous economic future, are victims of your latest tragic endeavor.
Within this past month, you have vehemently advocated for the new tax plan, which intends to “drastically cut taxes, while broadening the base”. You promised to eliminate unwanted loopholes, tax breaks, and special favors. You assured voters that there would be a new tax system, where less time and energy would be wasted on gaming the system to reduce taxes, and for a tax system that would become fairer. However, this plan is not fulfilling your promises, because it will cut too many taxes without raising enough revenue to support the government. This will result in hurting the middle class, while creating a devastating deficit. Thirty-seven out of thirty-eight economists agreed that your bill will create a deficit that substantially increases the national debt in a short period of time. Do you even know what’s in the projected 5.9 trillion

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