Persuasive Speech On Horse Slaughter

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Every little girl dreams of having a horse, but what do you do with that horse when he is too old to be rode and he struggles to come in and eat his grain? Most likely you don’t have the heart to put him down yourself, and to have him euthanized costs so much, but are there any other options? Yes, there is one more option, that is horse slaughter. Don’t be afraid of it just because you hear the word slaughter, the horses are treated well and they are put down humanely. Horse slaughter is a big controversy in the United States, and there are many people that are against it, but I’m here to tell you why everyone should be for horse slaughter. Horse slaughter is something that is needed and not something that is evil. Today I’m going to tell you about why everyone should be for horse slaughter and how it can help to control the horse population, help stimulate the economy and help feed people that are starving. First, horse slaughter can help control the horse population. By taking horses to slaughter then people can sell their unwanted, dangerous, and old horses. Now there are many of you that might say they could also just be euthanized, but this would cost the owners a fortune. If they sell their horse to a slaughter house, then the owner no longer has the dangerous horse and he also made money instead of losing money. Since the United States Banned horse slaughter then abandonment and neglect have in increased by 50% according to Alison Rowe attorney at law’s office. The

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