Persuasive Speech On Veganism

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All around the world, there has been an increase in Veganism. So what is Veganism? Veganism a diet that rejects eating animal products like dairy, meat and poultry and in some cases honey from bees. Many people have been favouring Veganism because of it healthier and enhanced diet. I'm here to prove it straight that veganism and a balanced diet is a better diet than our current one.
Firstly, back at history, our ancestors didn't eat meat and dairy like us because it was much pricier than now and they only ate these foods at a special occasion, but ever since the 1940 meat and milks products price plummeted down due to easier production in food factories. This increased the demand for meat and dairy while the industries …show more content…

Now a cow is a mammal and the only time when mammals produce milk when it's pregnant to feed their baby with the cow milk. So they don't wait for the cow to get pregnant by the bull. The sexually abuse the cow by making her to be pregnant all the time by genetically modified bull sperm to produce milk and calf's, So once the cow's calf is born they kidnap the calf to stop drink the calf to drink from it mothers milk, so we can drink the cow's milk, which is unlawful to nature. If the calf is a girl they raise it as her mother in within a year she is in the cycle with her mother and if it is a boy they slaughter it for beef. And the way they milking the cow with its machines, infects the udders and blood sucked into the machine with milk, most of the blood is filtered but not all of it. This cow milk was designed for the calf which body mass triples within a year of drinking it and it was not made for us humans. So what is cow milk? Cow milk is a cow baby growth formula with tiny traces of cow blood. There are so many healthy types of milk like these, soy milk, almond milk and many more. Cow milk are for calves, not for humans. The conditions these cows do live make them so easy to get diseases, that 80% of the antibiotics that we manufacture are used in the cattle industry. Cows have a lifespan of 20 year's but after 5 or 6 year's of continuous milking and being fed antibiotics …show more content…

Firstly your health will improve due to eating more vegetables nearly all the nutrients are available in the vegan diet; also you reduce the chance of illness like cancer and diabetes. Besides being a vegan doesn't mean you have to restrict yourself from sugar products; dark chocolate is one product that doesn't have a dairy. Presently more vegan ice-creams and cakes are appearing more widespread in the world like the brand Ben and Jerry ice creams. Also, Veganism is more environmentally becoming well known that 1,600 gallons of water are needed to produce a single pound of beef. Also producing one pound of animal protein requires about 100 times more water than producing one pound of grain protein. Furthermore, cattle raising can destroy forests by the cattle if it overgrazed the land leaving no vegetation's, also cattle produces methane a gas more potent than 30 times the famous CO2 methane traps heat more than CO2 by 30 times and a cow produces about 86000 cubic litres of methane in a year to the atmosphere.
But the drawbacks to being a vegan could be dang ores ; only calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12 — all of which are only available in meat and dairy

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