Pros And Cons Of Slaughterhouse Farms

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As you open your mouth to take a bite out of a juicy hamburger topped with bacon, do you ever wonder what you’re actually eating? I used to not care about what happened to the animals that provided my food, just as long as I had food. It is very rare that we really know what happens to the animals as they are becoming our food. The cow and pig you are about to eat had suffered a great amount of inhumanity before being slaughtered. Animals that are living on slaughterhouse farms have been abused and mistreated in many ways. It is highly unnecessary for us to mistreat animals when they’re providing food for us.
Animals that are grown up on slaughterhouse farms start their lives off living through animal cruelty. Vegan Outreach says, “At one
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The American Humane Society says, “Livestock were packed into cramped, filthy rail cars, and thousands of animals died in transit, and innumerable others were maimed” (American Humane Society). We are already treating animals poorly while they grow up so why do we need to let them be injured and killed in the process of transporting them? It doesn’t take much time to hose down the animals rail carts so they can survive travel. There is a decrease of animals for food production because they die while going from one farm to the other. Thousands of animals should not have died because workers are too lazy to clean the cages. American Humane Society states, "in one overloaded car, one of the cows had lain down and could not rise again, and the hogs had eaten a portion of her udder, and were pulling her entrails out" (American Humane Society). The animal farm workers are not the only ones treating the animals poor, but the animals are not fed properly so they start to eat whatever they can. Hogs will eat anything if they can get to it. The cows and hogs should not have been in the same cart areas as the others. The animals need to be split apart so incidents like this happen. The travel part of the animals lives are not as bad as the endurement at the…show more content…
By not consuming animal products people are slowly solving the problem with animal welfare. About 56 billion animals die every year due to the daily intake humans consume (Google). This is obviously a problem, and I can’t understand why people would want to disagree.
The treatment of animals on slaughterhouse farms get treated like they have no use, when they are of great use to humans. Animals should not get treated like they are useless. The workers that treat animals poorly need to be fired. They are being inhumane and unreasonable. Those animals that are suffering are doing it to provide a meal on millions of people’s tables. The way we kill animals makes no sense. Think about being in those animals positions. What would you want to change if people were skinning you alive, or pounding your head to the ground so you’ll die?
The conditions in slaughterhouses are wrong, and need to change. From a Ted Talks video a man, Mark Bittman, stars in it and states “... We don't need animal products...We're not born craving Whoppers or Skittles…” (Ted Talks). Therefor, we are not born craving meat. There are many other ways we can get the everyday protein we need without consuming animal products. One way we can get protein is from nuts, beans, or even
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