Persuasive Students To Persuade Students To Use Textbooks More Than Ebooks?

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Name: Dolma Sherpa Speech Persuasive Speech Purpose: to persuade student to use textbook more than ebooks Textbooks have been around longer than technology. But today’s world is very digital and everything from cleaning the house to Washing clothes is done by machines and so has textbook from reading on a paper to reading on a screen. But how good is this change for us as a college students? According to the article written by Christyna Hunter, reading on a computer screen takes more mental energy thereby leaving less for actual content retention. In England, 10 per cent of 10-year olds are issued textbooks. In South Korea, the figure is 99 percent. In secondary science, 8 per cent of pupils in England are issued with textbooks compared to 88 per cent in South Korea and 92 per cent in Taiwan. These Asian countries are among the highest performing in the world, according to the OECD’s latest PISA survey, which evaluates the knowledge and skills of the world’s 15-year-olds. According to LA Times, 92% of the college student when asked prefer the print books to ebooks. For some people books are books whether they’re electronic or hard copy. But there’s a big difference in how you read in ebooks and traditional books. According to a recent Scientific American article, reading paper versus electronic material makes a difference when it comes to memory and learning. When reading in electronic screen, readers tend to skim and look for keywords.
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