Pervasive Autism Research Paper

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Autism is not only one form of autism. The first form of autism is autistic disorder, then there is asperger’s disorder and finally there is pervasive disorder.The first is autistic disorder, which is when the individual has problems with their communication, with their social skills, and behaviors that are repetitive or excessive.. Asperger’s disorder only affects people in the way that they have problems with their behavior but they don’t have any language delay. Pervasive disorder is almost like autistic disorder and asperger’s disorder except it doesn’t reach that level of autism it is just autism in a child but with very low chance of having the same delays in language and behavior as in the other two forms of autism. In the 1870’s Dr. …show more content…

That child is my little brother he is the youngest of us 3. He has the pervasive autism which means he doesn’t have any delay in language or in his behavior. He almost looks like a normal person but what makes him look like he has autism is the way he sometimes may get mad for any little reason. What my family and I do so he doesn’t have the need to get aggressive we need to give hime prescribed medicine that are like little pills, that the doctor gives him he has pills for anxiety and for his aggressivity. He sometimes asks questions that make us feel dumb he is really smart in school he gets A’s and B’s he is very intelligent is what his teacher says. She says that even though he is absent a lot he passes his test with very high grades unlike other students that go everyday to school. Because half of his classes are in special education classes and the other half are in normal classes with normal students since he is very smart the special education teachers think he doesn’t belong in special education and sometimes have doubts of him having autism or ADHD. ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and when he doesn’t drink his pills the doctor gives him he is very hyper and gets angry easily and that is when the teachers know he does have …show more content…

There is one person/ assistant professor in the university of of Adelphi he has an ASD and there is an interview where he explains how hard it was for him to get where he wanted to be and now he is an renowned advocate with a doctoral degree and is working as an assistant professor. Isn’t that amazing how people with ASD’s can still be very successful even though they may have some limitations. Sometimes jobs open up for people with ASD’s and when they do employees with an ASD are likely to be seen by their coworkers as different or weird. The people that are employed and have ASD’s might sometimes avoid eye contact or they may talk too loudly or ask too many questions. Sometimes they come across as awkward with the society, possibly even rude. Sometimes they may say things that may sound rude to other people since they don’t think it is wrong they may just say it because they don’t know what is good to ask and what is not.. They may be unusually focused on topics and talk on and on about these, not recognizing when others have lost interest. They may be rather literal and have difficulty understanding idioms and certain humor, particularly sarcasm. Which then may lead to aggressively or anxiety and make them mad

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