Pet Ownership Is Growing At Record Rates Essay

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Pet ownership is increasingly popular and the pet business is growing at record rates. The Stay & Play will offer its customers a variety of upscale services not available at other locations and will allow for “one stop” need fulfillment. The timing is right for this venture as animal care is becoming more sought after and pet related spending is at an all-time high. (Pet, 2016) Young professionals who consider their pets a part of the family are spending money on services to enhance the quality of their pet’s lives. (Stevenson, 2016) Thus, the professional services that we will offer including day care, grooming, and boarding in a safe and healthy environment will be largely sought after especially as we combine it with convenience and premium customer service.

The Company:
Dog Stay & Play is a pet care company that aims to provide the best care to client 's dogs through commitment to proper customer care, convenience, and a dog-loving culture. The company offers a range of dog care services such as grooming and dog spa, daycare, and boarding services. The organization has invested in proper infrastructure and equipment to allow the best care for client 's pets. The company will be established at a convenient location in Port Orange, Florida.

Market Analysis:
Understanding the market dynamic is essential for business planning. Over 35% of the American population shares their homes with pets. Therefore, the market base for our business is diverse and readily accessible.

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