Pfizer And Allergan Deal : An Effective Strategy Adopted By Pfizer

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Introduction Pfizer is one of the world 's major pharmaceutical companies, and the main one in the US market. Pfizer produces a wide range of pharmaceutical products for various medical sectors, including: cardiology, neurology and oncology. In addition, Pfizer produces basic consumer healthcare products that help consumers with their everyday healthcare issues. On November 23, 2015, one of the world’s largest health care deals is announced. Pfizer will merge with Allergan to create the world’s largest drug-maker corporation. (McCoy, 2015) However, major observers and stakeholders believe that this controversial deal is just an attempt to perform “corporate inversion”. In fact, part of the deal consists in shifting Pfizer’s headquarters to Ireland that will allow Pfizer to benefit from Ireland’s low tax rate. In contrast, others believe that the acquisition is an effective strategy adopted by Pfizer to maximize costs and increase its product portfolio. Pfizer and Allergan deal is considered by many to be a “corporate inversion” strategy adopted by Pfizer to avoid paying corporate taxes in the U.S, in a completely legal way. Others, believe that it’s much more than that… The upcoming analysis on the deal will provide a deeper understanding on the issues involved, in order to better evaluate each sides of the arguments involved in the deal. Current Market Position Pfizer was able to take advantage of its over 150 years of expertise in Research & Development,

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