Pfizer Case Study: A New Kind of Structure

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Date: 09 July 2013 Prof. Dr. Abbas Ali Khan Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology School of Business (MBA Program) Dhaka-1208 Subject: Submitting the Case Study 'A New Kind of Structure'. Dear Sir It is our pleasure to inform you that we are submitting our case study analysis. We studied sincerely and enjoyed lot to complete this case study and doing such work always gives us the opportunity to expand our knowledge. We are confident to say that there was no room for negligence of our sincerity. We tried to do the best on our part and all of the team members equally participated to solve the case study. If you feel to have any additional information regarding this assignment, please notice us; you will always find us ready at your…show more content…
These problems affected lower level to highest level of employees. That’s why Pfizer starting to find a solution of this problem to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Pfizer build a new kind of structure by using Microsoft Outlook where Pfizer can connect with different outsourcing company worker by email. Using this facility they could able to connect with any worker of other outsourcing company around world and get cost specification for their requested work. By using this process the time spent on analysis of data has been reduce, also have many financial benefits and employees also get rid of their boring documentation work. Page 6 A New Kind of Structure Question 1: Describe and evaluate what Pfizer is doing? Answer To the Question No.- 1 Pfizer is the world’s largest research-based pharmaceuticals firm and also a wellknown pharmaceutical company. So their most of the work depends on research, developing strategies and innovate. They were trying to find a new way of system which makes their work more effective and efficient. Pfizer find out that their worker spends more time on business research and data
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