Pfizer to Acquire Protalix

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High-Technology Acquisitions Final Project -Acquisition Proposal: To Acquire: May 2012 Table of Content Executive Summary I A. Purpose I B. Background I C. The Rational for the Acquisition I D. Standalone, Synergy and Premium Valuations II E. Integration Plan II Part 1 - The Rational of the Acquisition 1 1. Pfizer's Strategy 1 1.1. Pfizer Growth Strategy 2 2. Pfizer's Road Map 4 2.1. Pfizer's Acquisitions Rational 4 3. The strategy behind the acquisition 5 3.1. Acquisition Motives 5 3.2. M&A vs. Alliance 5 4. Target Identification 7 4.1. Protalix - an R&D Acquisition 9 5. Synergy Analysis 10 6. Standalone, Synergy and Premium Valuations 12 6.1. Market Value 12 6.2.…show more content…
Purpose This paper presents an acquisition proposal, specifically Protalix BioTherapeutics Inc. (hereinafter: "Protalix") to be acquired by Pfizer Inc. (hereinafter: "Pfizer"). B. Background Pfizer is a pharmaceutical corporate well positioned in the market and aiming to continue its growth and dominance in additional areas. Protalix is an Israeli biopharmaceutical company, revolutionizing the development and manufacturing of recombinant therapeutic proteins through its ProCellEx

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