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About one week ago, I gave my Undergraduate final examination and it was Computer Graphics. The night before the exam, I was preparing myself for the exam, I was studying Basic Incremental Algorithm- what it is, it’s functions, mathematical explanation and computational drawbacks etc. Next came the midpoint Line Algorithm, that gave a sound mathematical representation which could resolve the problems the previously mentioned algorithm had. The more I was reading, the more my smile of satisfaction widened and when I was finished with it, I was thinking how beautiful and at the same time satisfying it is to create or improvise something like this, how glorious it is to become someone who has the opportunity to work on these things. For a …show more content…

Mohammad Nurul Huda and another Professor Dr. Muhammad Nazrul Islam who I had an opportunity to work with. Both of them had shared their Ph.D. experiences with me, how they had enjoyed and survived their time, how much effort they used to put on research and what impacts their journey had on their careers and personal life. My research interests lie in the broader aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Data Mining and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). I am first truly introduced to the huge domain of AI and Machine Learning by my undergraduate thesis supervisor. I am aware of the state-of-the-art research in these fields and I find it amazing how these researches are influencing the real world. AI comprises so many sub-fields and the research areas are so vast, a great many scientific advancement, in a way, can be incorporated into AI and the current world is revolving around it. Although there have already been tons of researches on AI, I believe there are still lots to conquer and for these boundless research opportunities, I’m particularly interested in this. My undergraduate thesis topic lies in the areas of AI & Machine Learning. From working on my thesis, I’ve grown a keen interest in Machine Learning. Particularly I’m interested in Deep Learning, Neural Network, Unsupervised Learning etc. It’s amazing how Machine Learning has progressed over the years and how much impact it has on real-world

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