Pharmacists : Caring For One's Health

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“Caring for One’s Health” Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who have expertise in the field of medicine. They are responsible for the distribution of medicinal treatments to provide therapeutic improvement of a patient's health. When people think of a pharmacist, they picture someone behind a counter putting medication into a bottle that will then simply be handed to a patient. However, that assumption is incorrect. Pharmacists provide individualized service to all patients. Pharmacists work along other healthcare professionals to provide personal drug plans for each patient and monitor the effects of their treatment. Pharmacists can be seen working in various locations: hospitals, retail chains, care facilities, and …show more content…

Their medications were typically types of oils that they believed to have healing benefits, but not having serious beneficial effects. Pharmacists during this time also used many herbs and spices as treatments for diseases. Medicine today can cure a large variety of illnesses, but this was not the case in the past. Many sicknesses during this time were not completely understood, therefore, the remedy for patients’ ailments weren't known either. Healthcare providers during this time did not know the actual cause of someone’s illness, they only knew their obvious symptoms. Because of this, patients were just prescribed what was known to subside the symptoms of their illness. Today, healthcare providers can easily find the underlying causes of diseases and prescribe medication for specific problems that are causing patients to become ill. Today's society is much more aware of what causes diseases, therefore, the treatments available are much more advanced than those of later times. There are many places pharmacists can be found, with specific jobs in each area. According to the article “What pharmacists do and where they work”, pharmacists can be seen working in hospitals, abroad, the military, the law, journalism, and academics. Pharmacists in specific areas will have different jobs that correspond with their location. For example, pharmacists who work in

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