Philippine National Heroes Of The Philippines

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Philippine National Heroes Most, if not all countries have people that engineered their formation as a nation or free their territory from foreign occupants. Sometimes, there is a person that stands out among all heroes that is respected and acknowledged by the majority of the population in a certain society. As a national hero he or she is called to the state in which the person give his or her all to the point of dying in order to obtain the cherish freedom that eludes them. In the Philippines, there are two people in its history that stand out among the rest as the champions of freedom, Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal. Bonifacio and Rizal still divides the Filipinos today of who really is the national hero of the Philippines. The different opinions about these two heroes didn’t cause the social unrest of course, but it is still an issue that lingers in the minds of the Filipinos. Therefore, the purpose of this essay is to evaluate who is among the two, Bonifacio or Rizal, is worthy of to be called the Philippines national hero by discussing their similarities and differences.
No two people are exactly the same. Even twins who have the same genetic make-up have differences in their personality and physical attributes. Andres Bonifacio was born poor and was orphaned early in life. Hence, he has to stop schooling in order to earn a living. He self-educate himself by reading the works of Victor Hugo, Jose Rizal, Eugene Sue, books about the French Revolution and the…
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