Philosophical Analysis on Different Movies

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Franklin J. Manao March 4, 2011 BS Industrial Pharmacy Dr. Paula Sioco Philosophy I Reaction Paper The first movie was El Krimen del Padre amaro (The crime of Father Amaro). There are so many immoralities in this movie. The first one is regarding what Father Amaro committed. Being a priest of a catholic church, you are used as an instrument of God and you should dedicate your life to only Him. Meaning, you are not allowed to commit any relationship with the other people. However, Father Amaro did not and so I treat him as an immoral person. It is because he…show more content…
If I were him, I would not show up in public after all I did. There was also this scene from the movie that you can consider as immoral but not really a major part of the movie. It was the thieves on the first scene of the movie. They were stealing things from the people in the bus wherein Father Amaro was also one of the passengers. Of course, in any society, stealing is an immoral act. And so this people can be considered immoral. Now, let’s look at some things in the movie that can be considered good and right. One of the things in the movie that can be considered good is the sexual act of Amaro and Amelia. Although it is immoral, it can be considered good because according to Bentham, the meaning of good equals pleasure, and sex is considered as pleasure that’s why sex is good. There were also some things in the movie that you can consider as right but not according to the nature of the act itself but according to the consequence of that act. We know that there is this priest in the movie who joined the group of guerillas. He was father Natalio. Father Natalio supported the guerillas. Because of this, he was excommunicated. Because of excommunication, you can consider him as immoral because he did not do his duty or he violated the law of the society that he belongs to but you can consider his act as
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