Philosophy Reflection

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Over the course of the semester I had the opportunity to read a variety of history's most famous philosophers works, from Socrates, Descartes, all the way to Aquinas. As I read I came to realize that while they were all very smart and were all well read not a single philosopher seemed to have a solid answer for anything. I learned a lot from philosophy 1010 this semester, but what i've come to conclude from it is that what i got out of philosophy is it’s important to ask questions, just as these wise men did. The philosopher Socrates once said “The unexamined life is not worth living” that being one of philosophy's most famous quotes, and one that during the class we spent time exploring during the Apology. I have come to understand it as Socrates attempting to say that if one is not aware of his own condition life is not worth it. As Socrates in the apology is kept captive and forced to endure question after question he eventually is asked “Who are the true philosophers?”, socrates then replied “Those who are lovers of the vision of truth”(81). This vision he tries to convey is a vision in which all philosophers try to convey, but all fail too explain. It’s the questions behind it that are so important as that's what at its core philosophy is. The pondering and questioning of life's biggest questions. As back in his time Socrates was a stone cutter not a governing official or king, he didn't serve a higher power other than that of his own will. He took it upon himself to

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