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Philosophy/Vision of Leadership emphasizing current issues in native communities or communities serving native populations The current issues that are facing the Native Communities across United States is not the slot machines, movie sets or the football fields, as there many other problems facing the Native communities such as insidious, systemic, life or death problems; which will take years and many votes, marches to resolve the issue at hand. However, it will be given the attention to be recognized. The Federal government recognizes 567 tribes, 229 Alaskan Native villages and through this the Bureau of Indian Affairs is the federal agency that is in charge of relations with indigenous communities. Although each Tribal Nation is …show more content…

took the children to assimilate through violence and incarceration. Boarding schools were developed to educate the Native American children and youth the Euro-American standards, children were forbidden to speak their native language, use their traditional names and to cut their hair. Relocation was the beginning of the reservation were executive order was to be implemented to the Tribal people. Through the atrocities the Native people face brought on issues that are on-going and never really mentioned. Native Americans face issues of Mass-incarceration and policing, thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement which demanded justice and equality for the black community, now there is a growing momentum to address the issues of equality in policing and mass incarceration. I mention this because in Denver Colorado and Rosebud Sioux tribal disabled member was shot, through the equality the incident brought light to the shocking rate of Native Americans killed by Denver Police, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics stated for 1% of national population of Native Americans, there was 2% of all police killing. Nonetheless, Native peoples are also disproportionately affected by mass incarceration. In South Dakota Native Americans make up 9% of the total population in the state but 29% in the prison population. The issue of mass incarceration in Native Communities is

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