Philosophy of Physical Education

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Each and every person has a different view of what physical education really is. “Is it education in sport?” asks Siedentop “Is it fitness education? Is it social development? Is it development through risk and adventure? Is it movement? Instead,” he says, “it is all of these things – and maybe more?” (1998, p.237). Whereas Wuest and Butcher feel that physical activity is “a means to help individuals acquire skills, fitness, knowledge, and attitudes that contribute to their optimal development and well-being” (2003, p.9). I believe that both of these aspects are important when defining physical education. I feel that physical education is a means of movement and social interaction, but also an activity that will help to develop ones …show more content…

Physical activity also provides a feeling of success not only for the person participating, but the spectator too (Wuest & Butcher, 1999, p.271). Wuest and Butcher also say, “To win in sport also is to win in life” (1999, p.271), and that it has become “evident that sport…holds many meanings for its participants as well as having a significant

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