Photography Essay : My Passion For Photography

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My passion for photography began in High School, from the moment I walked into Photography 1, I was in love. I seemed to have a good eye when it came to landscape and animal photography, after hours of taking photos I would then spend hours in the dark room developing. For me, photography has been no more than just a hobby. I admire all professional photographers, especially those who specialize in newborn photography, because I envy them. I found Jessica Kennedy, of Jessica Rachel Photography, on Facebook. Her style and ability to take beautiful photographs captured my eye instantly. I did, what most people do, and followed her. I am always amazed when her pictures display on my newsfeed, especially the newborns, I just can't help but look. Kennedy’s loved for photography started with an obsession with her taking pictures of her children and turned to photography as a hobby. Then with a gifted DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera she started researching classes in her area. She states “from there is snowballed”, taking any opportunity that came along to gain hands on experience. She started her business in 2011, and then in 2016 her LLC (Limited Liability Company) business began. She started by advertising through Facebook and ‘word of mouth’. She feels social media is the easiest way to connect with clients, without the burden of cost. Kennedy also partners with her local OBGYN clinic and Stork Vision ( a pregnancy ultrasound office), by displaying her work for free

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