Photography Is Not Just About Taking Simple Photographs

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In this generation people tend to take their photographs on their phones instead of hiring a professional photographer to take them. Photography is not just about taking simple photographs. Professional photographers need to understand the concept of what makes the best photographs. Photographers must use lighting, different equipment, different types of photographs, and specific subject matter to create unique photographs as well as how to finish and edit them. The beginning of photography was in 1826, when Nicephore Niepce produced the first permanent photograph using a camera obscura. Three years later in 1829, Louis Daguerre joined partnership with Nicephore Niepce ("Ted 's Photographics - The Fundamental Principles of Photography Explained."). In 1839, years after the death of Nicephore Niepce, Louis Daguerre became the first photographer to use silver-iodide coated plates and a small box to take a photograph (Careers in Focus’101). Motion photographs were made in 1877 using a series of still photographs to create the illusion of motion. In 1889, Thomas Edison developed the first single-unit motion picture camera; standards that are still used today (Careers in Focus, 25). Many professional photographers use different type of equipment: cameras, lenses, and accessories. Many photographers use different cameras and lenses depending on the type of photograph they’re going to take. Many photographers use the 35mm SLR (single lens reflect) camera. The 35mm SLR is the
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