Phycological Condition

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This semester has brought about many presentations when it comes to the multiple counseling therapist can use in our society, with the many counseling theories for therapist to use, the effectiveness for of treating many different conditions varies with everyone. This paper will be a reflection on what I have learned over the course of this semester for this class. I will explore one psychological condition that a counselor would typically encounter and discusses how it ties into many theories to help that specific one. I will also expire many other counseling theories that can relate to assisting that phycological condition. The last thing I will discuss in this paper is what therapies do I feel the most comfortable using in a professional …show more content…

This includes things like being the victim of crime, being involved in a natural, many individuals that serve in military combat will result in stress replies for many months or years following the actual event, and often include physiological symptoms such as difficulty sleeping or concentrating. Experiencing the event is a significance impact for the individual and is sometimes difficult to cope in many instances, many individuals in our society experience this kind of psychological disorder and it has a significant impact on their lives. PTSD can be seen many times through individuals serving in the military, it is estimated that 7–20% of service members and veterans who served in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) may have the disorder (Institute of Medicine (U.S.), 2014) PTSD is also categorized by a mixture of mental health symptoms reexperiencing of a distressing event, avoidance of trauma-associated stimuli, adverse alterations in thoughts and mood, and hyperarousal that last at least 1 month and impair effectiveness. People that experiences PTSD, go through symptoms like avoiding specific locations, situations, and sounds that serve as reminders of the event, other things like guilt, depression and anxiety come into play for those individuals. PTSD affects about 7.7 million American adults in each year, though …show more content…

Yoga is a therapy that deals with getting the individual to relax, this is a family of practices with the same aims as meditation. This encompasses body posture, breath control, diet and lifestyle for the individual. ethics, life-style, body postures, diet, breath control, study and intellectual analysis. The reason that I choose yoga as a form of assisted for in individual with PTSD is that it aims to reduce a person’s and also their muscle tension. This form of therapy that counselors can use to get the individual to focus on theory things other life besides the traumatic event from there past. Yoga involves getting instructions in a technique, this practice can be used in any setting, at a gym or in your home. The techniques for yoga sometimes deals with concentrating attention on the sensations of the breath to develop concentration and

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