Physical Activities And Physical Activity

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Physical activity
Physical activity represents the most variable component of your total energy expenditure. This is the additional energy expended above RMR and DT and will contribute more to total daily energy expenditure in active individuals. Exactly how much it varies depends on how active your general lifestyle is, how often, how energetically, and for how long you participate in sports and exercise.
There is people who wants to start exercising but the problem is they have no idea what to do or because they afraid. First thing to do is to motive yourself or go to the gym and ask for personal trainer and stay with him 6 months and you will understand what to do at the end.

If you want to improve your heath then you must do two types of physical activity each week these are aerobic and strength exercise.

Recommendation and guidelines
If the adult people would age between 19-62 they should try and stay active on daily basis. They should do around 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity, it includes cycling or fast walking every day. Strength do two or more days a week that would work all the major muscle. For example hip, legs, back, chest, shoulders and arms. Examples that count as moderate aerobic activity:
Football, volleyball, skateboarding, cycling and hiking.
To improve or stay healthy you will need to do two types of physical activity approximately each week aerobic and strength exercise. All the other exercise it depends on you for example how much…
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