Physical Activity Affects Cognitive Performance

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In this article the title can be used to identify the variable of the study. The variables of the study mentioned in the title are the physical activity, the ages of the group. The time effect could be consider a variable, but it is confirmed later in the study that time was not included in the final model. Physical activity is the dependent variable, but it is divided between-person that signifies the level, and within-person which represents the individual change. The research analyzes how physical activity affects cognitive performance in a period of 8 years in 3 different age cohorts of adults. The age groups are 20-24, 40-44, and 60-64 years old. The purpose of different age groups was to evaluate the relation between physical activity and cognitive ability across the age groups whether it is preserved differentiation or …show more content…

523) that “the association between physical activity and age is instead static, and only reflects the higher level of cognitive ability among those who are physically active, and does not influence cognitive change per se, in other words preserved differentiation could be found between any two points in the life span”. The participants were instructed to report their average weekly hours of the time they spent doing physical activity. In addition to reporting their weekly hours, they had to label the level of physical activity as well as reporting if it was mild, moderate, or vigorous physical activity. Since the data had a wide range it was trimmed to maintain only a 95% of the physical activity data for mild performance and 97% of the moderate and vigorous performance. Another important aspect of the study was the analysis of fluid cognitive ability. This component was used by administering cognitive tests that analyze fluid cognitive ability such as short-term memory, working memory, and

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