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The title of the article is Physical Education, school physical activity, school sports and academic performance written by Francois Trudeau and Roy J Shepard. The title of the article reflects the text as it discusses the relationship between academic performance at an elementary level and physically active activities that students can participate in such as physical education or school sports. The article also indicates that there are certain advantages in academic performance directly correlated with the time devoted to physical activity throughout the school day. The authors present a very clear and organized focus throughout the article providing a detailed explanation of the results of the conducted study. The article states that there has been an extensive discussion about the relationship of the elements in the article. Both elements, academic achievement and physical activity, are independent determinants of a child's health. …show more content…

It is now recognized that physical activity can be associated with the maintenance of cognitive function in older adults and offers some protection against Alzheimer's disease. Cognitive dysfunctions in older adults is becoming an urgent public health problem. However, there is a positive association between physical activity in young children that impacts cognitive health later in adults. The article states that a positive influence of physical activity on the cognitive functions of children is important for at least two reasons. One reason a potential argument for increasing PE without risk of decreasing academic progress. The other reason is that physical activity in school, like physical education class at an early age offers a way to reduce disruptive behavior and later will decrease the dropout rate. Furthermore, another important factor of increased physical education would be an enhanced level of physical

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