Physical And Human Elements Of Coastal Zone Environment

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Describe the interaction of physical and human elements of coastal zone environment and discuss the different strategic response of individuals, groups and government bodies to the issue of coastal management. The interaction between the physical and human elements of the coastal environment has had a considerable effect on the various coastal zones in Australia and specific strategic events responses of individuals, groups and governments. Australia has over 37 000 kilometres of coastline, 11 000 beaches and thousands of coastal landforms. Approximately 85% of Australia’s population live within 50 km of the coast. The coast is where the ocean meets the land and the coastal zone comprises of many different environments including rivers, bays, wetlands, beaches, coral reefs, estuaries and the continental shelf. Due to rapid urbanisation and development and other human and physical processes such as erosion Australia’s coastline, especially over the last 200 years, has been greatly disrupted. Individuals, groups and government bodies need to manage these issues in order to achieve a sustainable and equitable management strategies within our coastal zone. One of the dominant physical elements that has major effects on Australian coastline is the issue of erosion. Erosion is defined as the wearing away of physical rock by wind and water Many coastal landforms such as cliffs, platforms, headland, caves, blowholes and stacks are formed by the process of erosion. It is the key

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