Physical And Psychological Factors Affecting Health And Illness

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Stress is a quantity that every human is afforded. It is how the body and mind interact in response to a stressor. Each stressor whether in the form of a major life experiences, traumatic events, work, school, and even exercise can be stressful. Stress of any amount makes an impact on a persons’ health and behaviors. Therefore, it is important to take notice of how you manage stressful events in your life however great or small an effect. Though everyone experiences stress in one way or another, no two people cope with stress in the same manner. Some individuals are more effective and recover from demanding situations quicker than others do. Consequently, the quality of health is contingent upon the type of stress and duration of …show more content…

For instance, the more occasions of stress there are, the perception of stress is heightened thus, the older you are, less stress is reported whereas, more stress is reported if younger. When comparing seniors to non-seniors, t-scores for hypothesis #1, the mean average for seniors (mean=39.17) was similar to non-seniors (mean=39.41) showing the seniors did not have a significantly higher scores of perceived stress and USQ. Needless to say, the report doesn’t exactly prove all elements of the said theory to be true. How we coping with stressors aren’t limited to a biological perspective, where the genetic makeup can alter how people respond to traumatic events, but it extends to a host of external factors such as family, friends, employment, time, and money. (Straub, 2014, pg.157). Stressors are ever present and no one can escape them but, the more resources you have, the more effective you are in coping with such events. All of the external elements contribute to the socioeconomic status and it is one of the more significant factors that affects health. I revisit the idea of psychological, behavioral, social, and biological factors in response to health and stressful events. The influence that stress has on the totality of our being is pretty impressive. Insomuch as in a younger individual, acute stress can potentially become adaptive and may not inflict

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