Physical Exercises : A Healthy Body

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“A sound mind in a healthy body”. This proverb is very old but still it’s as significant as it was years ago. No doubt, good health is the true wealth because physical exercises always keep a person healthy and active. Physical exercises include all that bodily activities that keep a person healthy and fresh. It is for several purposes including body muscles building, honing athletic skills, maintaining or loosing body weight, and for mere enjoyment. Regular physical exercise serves as a cure for many diseases like obesity, aggression, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, depression and diabetes.
Physical exercises, majorly Yoga is a must exercise recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to strengthen a body. The University of Maryland Medical Center has published a report which states that a regular physical exercise strengthens the immune system to develop a strong resistance for arthritis, asthma, depression, obesity, diabetes, epilepsy and irritable bowel syndrome. A study published in the November 2011 in “Archives of Internal Medicine” revealed that the people who do regular exercise are less exposed to chronic low back pain than the patients who go for a medical cure, relying on clinical medicines.
The daily hectic routine doesn’t enable a person to take care of his health and ultimately the results are weak muscles, weak bones and increased weight. It’s very difficult to manage time for yourself. Going to a gym would either be costly or burdensome.

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