Physical Therapists And Occupational Therapists

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P vs O…that is the real question when it comes to choosing between becoming a medical therapist. Physical therapists aim to improve mobility, while occupational therapists work toward restoring the function of their patients. Occasionally both physical therapists and occupational therapists work together in the same clinic so that their patients reap the benefits that each program has to offer. Around this area you can find a variety of clinics, private practices, and hospitals that employ both physical therapists and occupational therapists; to name a few: Huntsville Hospital, The Orthopedic Center (TOC), and SportsMed. However, many times they can be found in separate clinics with no relation to one another. They definitely have their…show more content…
Though the treatments involve very simple activities, they can be considered very strenuous to the patient on the receiving end. In Alabama, the average physical therapist makes around $77,085 per year. While the lower ten percent earn around $65,419; and the higher percent earn $88,920. Many are considered part-time and are paid hourly, they receive about $38.39 per hour. Traveling physical therapist, however are in a completely different bracket on the pay scale. In most cases they can make almost double what the permanent physical therapist is making, depending on which state they choose to travel in. In Alabama, traveling therapists make a hefty $115,000 on average. Talk about a difference!! The average income of occupational therapists in Alabama is $77,909; with the lower percent earning $65,420 and the higher earning $90,845. Although this occupation is mainly a full-time position, part-time positions are available depending on the employers. Some occupational therapists have the ability to travel to different clinics while earning a higher salary than the typical stationary therapist. While this ability is more common in the physical therapist position, the few occupational therapists that are in this traveling position have a larger income (up to 15% higher salary, including reimbursement of travel expenses). Job forecasts for physical therapist are only
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