Physical and Chemical Agents Pose a Threat to Human Health but Biological Agents are Most Severe

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When categorizing environmental agents in regard to human health, physical, chemical, and biological agents each pose different and great threats. All can have potentially extremely dangerous short term and long term effects. In my opinion, biological agents pose the greatest threat to human health. It is crucial to point out that circumstantially, any of the three could pose the greatest threat, but in general, I believe biological agents do so. I find biological agents to be the most unavoidable with the most severe consequences, in general, of the three categories. Biological agents, coming in a variety of forms, have unique abilities amongst themselves and all categories of environmental health agents. Bacteria holds the ability to…show more content…
They, like chemical and biological agents, have come a long way in terms of prevention and treatment. Physical agents, however, are more similar to chemical agents in that it is easier to limit, or at least decrease, exposure of an entire country than it would be to stop a disease epidemic, for example. Biological agent prevention has significantly improved, especially with vaccines, but even vaccines can be dangerous if given to the wrong person. Although it would be difficult to prevent all exposure to any agent, being cautious about x-rays and ensuring proper ventilation in a new building are feasible, while limiting exposure to biological agents is made difficult by the variety of hosts walking around with the capability of secondary infection. Displaying an example of a biological agent is the H7N9 (bird flu) epidemic in China beginning in 2013. Xinhuanet English News presents the epidemic clearly. While many vaccines exist for viruses, none will be administered in the foreseeable future for H7N9. They had already reached 96 human infections with 19 deaths in 2014 as of January 27. Fortunately, this epidemic currently has a slow transmission speed and no supporting evidence to suggest consistent human-to-human transmission, but it is addressed that single human-to-human cases are not ruled out. This case is relevant and supports the argument of biological agents posing the greatest threat to human health out of the
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