Piaget Of A Child 's Brain Development Theory

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In today’s society, we are constantly learning about new theories and expanding the knowledge on those that we already know, about the physical and mental development of Children. Through past and present theorists, we are shown whole new aspects of how a child develops to make up the being that they become. Through Piaget’s ‘Congnitive development theory’ we are shown the stages of a child’s brain development with a strong focus on the ages newborn – 11 years onwards. Piaget’s main theory is that children are able to construct their own knowledge as they manipulate and explore their world for themselves. Another theorist I am going to explore in this piece is, Bronfenbrenner. Bronfenbrenner began his theories soon after Piaget, and took …show more content…

Bronfenbrenner began his studies in 1870 on the effects of neighbourhood on the development of children’s concepts. He is a well-known chid developmental psychologist and is most commonly known for his theory on ecological systems and how that effects a child development. Bronfenbrenner argued that “in order to understand human development, one must consider the entire ecological system in which growth occurs” (Bronfenbrenner, U. 1994). The system is inclusive of 5 influencing factors from the environment which he believes to have an impact on child development such as, school and family, values but he also intertwines his theory with culture and cultural beliefs by using the ‘macrosystem’ which is the patterns of culture. He believe that while all these environmental factors had an effect on child development, culture was/is a huge part in a childs upbringing which then plays a part on their development. “Much of developmental psychology is the science of the strange behaviour of children in strange situations with strange adults” (Bronfenbrenner 2009).
A key idea in Piaget’s theory was cognitive development and how it relates to the 4 stages he created in his theory. Each stage is age related which is a key concept in

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