Piaget's Stages Of Intellectual Development

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Isaac is in between the sensorimotor and preoperational stages of Piaget’s Stages of Intellectual Development. Object permanence was obvious as was an excellent memory. Throughout most of my time at UCC, Miss Shanelle’s class had a fall theme. One of the decorations/toys for the children was 20 plastic black spiders. They were probably a little over the size of a quarter. A classmate was playing with them, so of course Isaac had to see what was going on. I took one of them and put in on a female student’s head. Excitedly I said, “Oh my! There is a spider in your hair!” The children laughed and started to put spiders on each other’s heads. Eventually they gave up on each other and placed every single spider in my hair. We had to clean up and …show more content…

Isaac was a prime example of this. When we were creating pictures with stamps one day, he did not understand how to apply the ink to the stamp. The stamp was upside down and he got ink all over his hands. I demonstrated the correct way to stamp a couple of times and he soon caught on. He reproduced the action that I performed. According to Bandura, this is something Isaac chose to catch on to. He selected that behavior, viewing me as a teacher, and imitated it. The other students in the classroom had this same reaction. They caught on quickly after choosing to copy my movements. Isaac did this same thing with other activities. When we would get ready for lunch, everyone knew they needed to put their finger to their lips in a “shhh-ing” motion. They had to sit like that, silent, until they got their lunch. If the students sat down and did not do this, Miss Shanelle and I would initiate it. After we did, everyone would join in. They were quickly reminded they had to “shhh” to get …show more content…

When we were outside playing with a xylophone, Isaac was putting the stick used to make noise in the wrong place. I went up to him and told him where to put it. In addition to telling him, I helped him put it in the right place by holding his hands and putting it away. He then took it back out. Moments later, he put it in the correct place. Isaac continued to do this. It demonstrated a scaffolding in his learning. He fully understood the concept I was aiming to teach him. Vygotsky would conclude he successfully learned how to put the xylophone stick

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