Picasso Guernica Essay

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The obvious thing would be to say the answer is in question, and as the painting is Picasso’s Guernica, then it must be Cubist, but what makes it so? The following will also show that there are elements of Expressionism and Dada styles in it. Cubism. The objects and figures in this painting are broken up and seem to put back together so that more is seen. For example, the woman on the left, carrying what seems to be a dead child, and the man lying with his arms stretched out both have their heads drawn in profile, but her entire face is visible, as are both his eyes. Again, we see both the eyes of the woman in the bottom right corner, but also her rear. A lot is cut up, spread out flat, and the images also overlap. Cubism challenges …show more content…

It is used here to tell the story, with the figures painted out by the dark background. The bulb in the top center of the painting makes the greatest impact for me, as it seems to shine light on truth of war. Expressionism focused on evoking very strong feelings and not on accurate detail. This painting is also not brightly colored but that could be because it is of a tragic event. Yes, there are Expressionist elements here. Surrealism. I would not classify this painting as surrealist even though it was painted in that era. (1937) The images are deliberate as is the message, with nothing mysterious about them. It may not be easily understood, but that’s Picasso. There’s much control and order in Guernica, and it does not take away its influence in further developing the surrealist movement. In conclusion, Guernica is a combination of styles, Cubism, Expressionism and Dada, and speaks to the brilliance of Picasso who was known to take different elements, even from his peers, and run with it. To give it one classification would in my opinion, do it an

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