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I am standing there, one hand around the shoulders of a friend. My other hand, clutching a diploma and a bouquet of pink and white roses. The sun is beaming down on my brunette hair making it appear light and creating a glow off the top of my head. I can see the happiness not only spread across my face in an ear to ear grin but by the way my eyes are squinting so very little. The warm light balancing out the photo reminds me of the summer time that was creeping up on us ever so slowly. Then, I was just a 12-year-old girl with a whole new chapter of her life bout to unfold. Now, I sit looking back on this day, reflecting on all that has changed since I walked out of Newport Heights Elementary School for good.
Kindergarten through sixth grade
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In the first paragraph I was attempting to illustrate the moment and gather the memories from that day into a few short sentences. The words I chose and the way I organized my paragraph was in hopes of reflecting the nostalgia that I was feeling while looking at the picture. There is also a strange feeling that I felt while looking at the picture, because it defines a moment that now feels as if I had imagined it. Therefore, while writing my personal essay I felt the need to recover this and other misplaced moments. The entire concept that a previous self may be a stranger to me is something that I feel needs exploring, although I also felt, while writing, that there are certain fundamental aspects of a person that never change. After rereading my essay multiple times, I am pleased with how I was able to achieve my goal. Although I feel as if I could have used more detail to describe myself then, in that particular moment, I believe that by describing what has changed over the course of the years proved to be just as effective. From the beginning of the essay through to the end, it is easy for readers to track the progress I have made from an elementary school student to a high school student. Each paragraph I began to develop a little more as a person and student which then lead me to succeed in my first few weeks as a
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