Pidgey Cheating Research Paper

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Are you Pidgey Stacking to level up your trainers faster? This question was posed to me after a seasoned game player was asking about my level of training. At that moment I knew I should have been (just by the tone of his voice) but I wasn't yet. As Pokemon Go players know, leveling up takes time -- especially above level 20. The change to break up the grind for the game might actually be in the idea of Pidgey stacking to boost your trainer by at least one level. So how does one Pidgey stack? Ah, that is the easy part. All you really need is a lot of Pideget and a lucky egg. Pidgey are plentiful in most areas. By collecting and evolving as many as you can when your luck egg active, you can evolve a good number of them in 30 minutes. You might be able to jump one, maybe two levels with this process.…show more content…
The difference between cheating and knowing how to play the game is experience. A number of serious players will point out this tip is all about strategy and nothing about breaking the rules. And they are right. It's totally legit to stack up the Pidgey character and evolve when you are ready. This tip could be used any Pokémon that evolve and maybe you will level up that way too. However, Pidgey is the perfect choice because of its
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