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To what extent does violence around Harri change him?

Violence is one of the main themes of the novel Pigeon English. There isn’t just one form of violence, or one person or group of people which portray all the impact of this theme, because the whole neighbourhood represent violence and the aggressiveness of society, which differs to Harri’s old village in some ways but is similar in others, this creates a difference in Harri’s life, which forces him to change; his language, his actions, his group of friends… between the two countries, which we can observe by some of Harri’s thoughts or comments, and in the same country but, throughout the novel. In this essay I am going to talk, not just about how violence changes Harri, but the different kinds of it and how they create different changes within
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The use of ‘little bitch’ makes the comment completely degrading but at the same time brilliant for the emitter, because with the words he is gaining ‘superiority’. “I’d shoot them in the face innit”. Jordan is a really violent boy for his age. “Shoot” is a really aggressive and shocking term, but definitely the worst word in the quote, although it may not seem like it, is “innit” as he is offering Harri the influence I was talking about, which is the introduction to violence. “I was the dead boy because X-Fire picked me.” This is not as influential, although it does carry the ferocity of the theme, but it is an extract which may or may not foreshadow the finale of the novel, as it is unknown the person Kelman used as the murderer, however, it is an attempt of
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