Pilots Rely Too Much on Automation Essay

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Pilots Rely Too Much on Automation
Turbulence, lighting, stalls—these are all things that a pilot must deal with. However, some pilots deal with these problems too slowly due to a reliance on automation. If pilots do not react quickly, the plane may crash. From Switzerland to New York, pilots struggle with too much reliance on automation. This may cause many lives to be endangered. Many commercial airline pilots endanger passengers from many different nationalities. Even if the passengers reach their destination safely, they might not know that their pilot may lack basic flying skills. One pilot reported touching the controls only seven times during a flight. If pilots only touch the controls around seven times each flight, they don’t gain much experience with actually using the controls in case autopilot fails. 66% of pilots have these problems. In the past, pilots had to react quickly to life-threatening situations without the help of automation. Nowadays, pilots’ basic flying skills are deteriorating due to the over dependence on automation. The most effective way to help pilots refine their skills is a flight simulator. The Federal Aviation Administration has already tried using the flight simulators and has produced promising results. However, the reason why most companies don’t use these simulators is because of the immense cost. Even if the cost is large, it does not amount to the price of lives lost.
Pilots Are Overusing Autopilot
In the 1930s, autopilot was…