Pineapple (Ananas Comosus) Skin and Dusol (Kaempferia Galanga Linn.) Rhizome as Antibacterial Organic Soap

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Pineapple (Ananas comosus) skin and Dusol (Kaempferia galanga Linn.) Rhizome
As Antibacterial Organic Soap

A Science Investigatory Project

Presented by:
Romi Necq S. Abuel

Bansud National High School
Regional Science High School for Region IV -MIMAROPA
Pag-asa, Bansud, Oriental Mindoro


Many soaps in the market offer different kinds of benefits such as whitening the skin, treating various skin problems and removing bacteria from skin. But some may still produce bad results and some can be too expensive to purchase. But there are other options that can be made to have healthy skin. Pineapple is an abundant tropical fruit commonly found in humid and hot regions. Citric and malic acids are found in good
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It also doesn’t contain carcinogens, toxins and bad bacteria that may risk health. Second, it has huge amounts of nutrients that is easily absorbed by the skin for a more effective and efficient usage of the product.
The said product is biodegradable, organic and it doesn’t harm the environment even if it is burnt or disposed. It contains almost no amount of harmful chemical substances that can disrupt the ecological balance or worsen the condition of the global warming.
Researchers in the near future may use the study in emphasizing the use of the pineapple or dusol extract as a main ingredient in the manufacture of soap or other products in relation to the study.

Scope and Limitations of the Study
This study is limited to the production of the experimental pineapple/dusol soap and the experimentation processes that followed. The experimentation was conducted from June to August 2012.

Definition of Terms
Psoriasis a skin disease usually marked by red scaly patches.
Rashes an outbreak in the surface of the skin which that is often reddish and itchy.
Acne a disease of the oil-secreting glands of the skin that often affects adolescents, producing eruptions on the face, neck, and shoulders that can leave pitted scars.
Ringworm a fungal disease of the skin, scalp or nails in which intensely itchy ring-shaped patches develop. Infection is transmitted to humans from pets or

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