Denise Cartwright: The Ethical Use Of Natural Skin Care

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In recent years, we have seen a growing desire among consumers to get back to more natural ways of doing things. It all started with the nutritional supplement boom of the 1990s and the healthy living craze that began at the turn of the 21st century. It continues today in the emerging trend of natural skincare. It is interesting to note that natural skincare is actually not new. People have been using natural substances to care for the skin for thousands of years. It only seems new to us because we have not paid attention to it for so long. Things are changing, though, according to CRUDE Personal Care's Denise Cartwright. Cartwright started her natural skincare products company after developing formulas she used to combat her own chronically …show more content…

Perhaps we lost sight of that truth at the start of the industrial age. Nonetheless, the philosophy of cooperating with nature for healthy skin is one that relies on natural substances to promote healing. Consider the fact that human skin naturally produces an oil known as sebum. This oil is what makes skin waterproof. Without it, the skin would be naturally waterlogged and prone to all sorts of bacterial and viral growth. Nature's way of properly regulating moisture is to produce sebum. Unfortunately, sebum becomes a problem in our highly industrialized world because it traps dirt and debris in the pores of the skin. It also doesn't help that we use cosmetics and moisturizers that may not necessarily be the best thing for us. That notwithstanding, maintaining healthy skin requires making sure pores stay clean. Synthetic skincare products can certainly deep clean as good as anything made with natural ingredients. But synthetic products also strip the skin of sebum, making it vulnerable to dryness and flaking. The skin can also be easily inflamed by a combination of synthetic cleansers and aggressive scrubbing. Cartwright and her CRUDE team believe there is a better

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